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Four Generations Later . . .

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Picked up the new iPad on Friday. Restored everything to it from backup stored on the iMac. Works great! The iPad 2 was eight years old. I knew I had been missing out by not upgrading sooner, but I wanted to squeeze everything I could out of the iPad 2, which cost twice as much as this new one did. Using the iPad 2 for so long also primed me for joy of upgrading.

Decided to go with the 6th generation model and immediately upgraded the OS to 12.3.1. On sale at $100 off, it's so much better than the clunky old iPad 2 running iOS 9. I'll wait a couple of years to get the iPad Pro since this one runs so much faster, smoother and is the latest model. The bells and whistles on the pro model aren't as important now that I've retired. And I need to replace the iMac soon too so I have one with Metal support. I imagine that upgrade to my 8-year-old iMac will be as enjoyable as the iPad upgrade has been.

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