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First Thunderstorm 2020?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Finally, first thunderstorm of the year arrived this afternoon! Wind kicked up suddenly as the sky darkened then a single, brilliant flash close by and thunderclap announced rainfall loosed a few seconds later. Reading sleepily in bed when it happened I felt the thunderclap rock the entire house which shook the bed. A perfect start of what I hope will be a new weather trend.

As the rain was falling I dozed off without a care in the world and dreamed vividly of wildlife in nearby meadows and forests allowing the rain to wash away accumulated dust and pollen. Far downslope the outbreak rages on while some stir out of their homes. Far too soon, I fear.

N O P E !

Turns out it was just a rainstorm. What I thought was an epic thunderclap was actually a sonic boom caused by military jets flying at low altitude overhead. I have no idea what caused the flash of light. Imagination, maybe. Haven't heard a sonic boom caused by jets since the early 1960s living on the Oklahoma plains. Wonder what's going on in the world for them to come flying so low over this remote area.

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