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First Berries

Gathered first chokecherries of the season this morning from a patch near the county road. It's always first to ripen up and first to get harvested by bears, birds and trespassers. I don't mind bears and birds getting them, but have zero tolerance for two-legged trespassers crossing the fence and stealing them.

This should be enough for a batch or two of jelly. There were none to pick last year due to a late summer hail storm and I thought drought would ruin this year's crop. They're not the plumpest I've ever picked but they will do fine for making enough jelly to last a few weeks while the rest ripen up for harvest. Then jelly making will become a delightful daily chore in this home.

I wrote an interactive iBook describing how I make chokecherry jelly, soon to be published to the iBooks Store. In the meantime, you can download the book in its non-interactive PDF format by clicking here to get the the Publications page where you will find its download icon.

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