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Do It In The USA Dammit!

I'm hoping this outbreak leads to less dependence upon imported products and services here in the USA as infection curves flatten and economic activities ramp up again. Corporate tendency to wring every red cent of profit margin through at-cost or below-cost outsourcing of everything from product manufacturing to software design and development work has worried me for decades. Doing that quashes all incentive of U.S. learners to seek careers in those fields here, knowing they cannot compete while cost of living in their neighborhoods and beyond skyrockets beyond reasonable reach.

Rebuilding the U.S. economy must address these issues or face repeat of mistakes made throughout the first two decades of this new century. Resiliency of a the nation is at stake. We have everything we need here on home soil. Natural resources, human resources, learning resources, innovation resources, creative resources . . . resources cruelly and obscenely underutilized due to greed-driven disrespect and shortsightedness.

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