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DIY Advertisement

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

~ A Flu-time Project ~

While laid up in bed recovering from a nasty bout with influenza a few years ago, I grabbed my iPad 2 and began tinkering with an advertisement concept for a service I was considering providing. The visual was created using the Apple Keynote app and the music track was created using Garageband, all entirely in bed between fits of wretched moaning, groaning, coughing and wheezing–a great distraction from all of that happy crap the flu brings.

Another motivator for doing this little project was reported failure of a $1M+ BPMS software project at the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer by a cast of fools who sold a bill of goods to taxpayers and then split the scene when their half-assed software development project very predictably failed.

I just found out today that the head honcho ultimately responsible for that abysmal failure was reinstated as the New Mexico State Engineer just a few days ago.

Oh boy. Here we go again with taxpayer-funded boondoggles of epic proportions managed by career incompetents well versed in the burgeoning profession of F-A-I-L.

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