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When my career working as an employee was on final approach to end my dog Paddy and I climbed to a high place to relax and reflect. The view was excellent, the weather clear and mild. No storms in the forecast which was good. The high place was too exposed to lightning strikes. A blue moon was rising that evening and skies were perfect for that event.

Paddy dug the view and distant sound of vehicles rushing along the interstate highway below. There was no one else on the small peak while we were there. An ideal camping spot.

Poking around on the tiny, fairly flat peak top, we discovered a ladybug swarm was happening. It was the first I had ever seen in person and it was beautiful. Briefly considered capturing some to take back home and set loose in the garden then decided against it. They had as much right to carry on undisturbed as I knew I wanted to at that moment in time. So we set camp and ate lunch, lounged, took photos, napped and waited for nightfall and moonrise. The blue moon made its appearance as we settled down for supper.

I took some photos of the rare sight but none came out well enough for scanning. This was before I had purchased my first digital camera with which to check results of each shot immediately upon capture. None were keepers.

In the morning the ladybug swarm was gone and soon we descended from the peak to start the hike back to the truck. Paddy spotted the rattlesnake before I did and raised the alarm to keep me from stepping on it. It was in strike-ready mode when I finally picked it out in the dappled shadows.

Snapped a few photos of the beautiful pit viper without going any closer and eventually it calmed down and moved on to find another spot to warm up beneath morning sunlight.

I suspect it was as glad as I was that we had not tangled with each other more than we had. And I was feeling good about finally detangling from existence working as an employee.

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