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Creativity Canyon Dreams

Updated: Jan 21, 2018

In October 2015 I heard about the XQ Super School competition and decided to give it my best shot. So I created a blog and began dreaming about what the ideal high school might be like. It was fun but I failed to convince enough people it was a worthy proposal and withdrew from the competition to prevent wasting the XQ judging panel's time.

I learned a lot about myself and human nature from that failure and I still think it's a better idea than any of the other XQ proposals submitted and certainly better than any high school currently in existence in the world. It's interesting to read through every once in a while and see progression of thoughts on the subject from inception to culmination. Each reading reveals something new about how my mind was churning over the problem at the time.

As with everything else contained in this website, the Creativity Canyon blog is now presented here not as a proposal, instructions or guidelines to create better schools. It's just something I created as I pondered what I thought would work better than what we have.

Interested parties can read all about at

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