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Conformity Insanity

Conformity has always stuck painfully in my craw. I have conformed way too much at various times in the past, but I never realized much of anything positive from doing so aside from people around me becoming sufficiently satisfied with my conforming behavior long enough to leave me the hell alone for a while so I could immediately stop conforming in privacy. These private times of nonconformity have by far yielded my most creative moments and creations, making me conclude that conformity is a pernicious form of insanity.

The time is rapidly approaching now for such private times of complete freedom to extend, widen and deepen without bounds when I retire next month. No more expectations of conformity will be consciously or unconsciously foisted upon me by anyone as long as I stay away from everyone. Yes, that seems to be an extremist approach, but it is the only way to accomplish blissfully sane nonconformity. A person cannot be a part of society without suffering expectations of conformity. Hence, I will spend as little time as possible engaged in societal activities. That way no one will know or care that I am spending every moment of life doing exactly as I please precisely when I wish to do so without pressure from anyone observing, judging and demanding conformity. In turn, by staying well away from everyone mired in that insanity, I will not be wasting time fretting over and judging anyone else's nonconformities.

I suspect the healing sanity of non-stop nonconformity is going to be as enjoyable as it will be beneficial.

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