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Comm Towers

These are the communications towers I depend on for internet connection. Located 4 miles from the house, I got lucky when they set the towers on a hilltop within line-of-site from the upstairs window. I get better 4G service here than relatives in the cities get from their ISPs. Prior to switching to this wireless comm link, I attempted using a satellite ISP called Wild Blue, but it totally sucked, as does HughesNet. Also tried something called Choice wireless which also sucked big time (horrible service, horrible support). And I had AT&T cell service for a while. It sucked too and the sorry bastards cut off service due to lack of demand here.

T-Mobile provides my 4G wireless internet service now and has since 2016. Consistently excellent service in terms of both speed and reliability. They were first to get good 4G service working in this area. Looking forward to the day they provide 5G service out here.

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