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Birthing Places

Imagining artists meticulously applying talents and skills in passionate pursuit of dreamed visions they seek to birth into reality is a favorite pastime. Where they do it is equally fun to imagine.

Only rarely have I been fortunate enough to see any in action. In my youth I enjoyed watching my brother painting in oils to create astounding pieces of art now hanging in various homes and businesses. Aromas of paints and thinner and linseed oil always trigger pleasant memories of those times. Another artist at work glimpsed only briefly just before the turn of the century was a luthier working in his shop located in Vancouver, BC at the time, about two thousand miles northwest of here. He and his spouse created a superb acoustic guitar for me which I still have and play today. Vivid images and distinct aromas of his workshop still linger in memory to this day even as he is creating another custom instrument for me in his new workshop about fifteen hundred miles directly west of here. I intend to roadtrip along Route 66 at a leisurely pace to that new studio to pick up the guitar when it's ready. A journey I'm looking forward to after being locked down for so long.

The most distant artist's studio I imagine about these days is located just over one fifth of the circumference of the planet from here. I think it may look like this just outside that studio.

I probably will never be able to travel there, but modern mapping apps provide a visual taste. It looks like a pleasant, peaceful place for artists to be creating from their dreams. And inside a studio I imagine being there an artist is creating a pair of guitars, sharing tantalizing glimpses of them as they are born into reality.

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