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Beppe en Los Cerrillos

Updated: May 17, 2019

Shortly after moving to New Mexico, I wintered in a one-room casita in Los Cerrillos and caught wind of an appearance by Beppe Gambetta in some stone building ruins there. I had been listening to his music on CDs for years and decided to go see him perform live while I had the chance. I didn't really have money to spare for the ticket but bought one anyway.

I'm glad I did. The weather was perfect that night and Beppe delivered an excellent performance in a unique venue. It was a delightful start living in a new place after the dot-com bubble burst, company stock of the B2B outfit I was working for tanked, and the ensuing crash drove me out of Colorado–for which I am also grateful. As beautiful as the Colorado Rockies are, life in the Sangre de Cristos is much nicer.

I forget who it was that joined him at this intimate venue.

I also saw Norman and Nancy Blake perform here in 2001. Need to hunt up those photos.

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