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Augmented Reality Learning Clouds

Taking the ARLC concept a bit further, imagine every kid in the world receiving their first ARLC kit. Whether its form resembles something similar to Magic Leap's AR headset and computer rig or a futuristic nanodevice implanted in the eye and/or brain, it becomes theirs for the rest of their lives if they so desire. Never leaving or ignoring reality, instead acknowledging every aspect of it while continuously learning via their ARLC and all of the virtual resources they provide.

These ARLC resources should probably be provided and controlled only by the communities they serve. Centralizing them would most likely be a huge mistake as politicians and political interest groups would inevitably attempt to control ARLC resource content to further their political agendas and influence. Having each community provide its own ARLC in its own cloudspace could possibly thwart any such unbalanced resource creation and management attempts. As learners explore community ARLCs available, competition between the communities to provide completely unbiased learning material would drive consumers to those most free of political influence–be it national or locally imposed–forcing those not operating for the sole purpose of providing unbiased educational experiences would end up with no one using them and they would eventually shut down. In other words, learners searching for high-quality, unbiased learning experiences would drive the cleanliness and quality of ARLC resources.

And having ARLC resources controlled by individual communities would provide insights into each community's unique culture, advancing knowledge as well as understanding and tolerance across all communities as learners explored their resources. Author Greg Bear has written about this a lot. I imagine other speculative fiction writers have too and I'm eager to find and read their works.

So this leads to a simple renaming of ARLC from Augmented Reality Learning Centers to Augmented Reality Learning Clouds.

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