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Augmented Reality Learning Centers

Updated: Dec 4, 2018

A couple of years ago I entered the XQ Super School Challenge and eventually came up with an idea for recreational learning centers (RLC) where anyone can go at any time to work on projects which are not only educational, but produce a deliverable which may be beneficial to the community. Open 24/7/365, fully automated by AI administrators for managing both the facility and the learning experiences taking place within it, learners would check out tool kits and materials to work on projects from which they could learn.

The problem was cost. One of these RLCs would cost tens of millions at a bare minimum. Modularization of the building structure and plant machinery so that it might be transported on truck trailers would be possible but would still be far too expensive to be affordable for most communities.

The solution? Build the school 100% virtually for integration into augmented reality apps running on devices like Magic Leap's AR headset. All project tools and materials would be represented as virtual objects students could utilize to work on projects of virtually any kind and scale entirely within the Magic Leap AR realm. Educators could then focus on producing more effect, meaningful learning experiences rather than making time lecturing repeatedly to bored students sitting in a classroom to earn credits and grades.

Then, rather than compulsory schooling for all, provide each person in the nation with an AR headset and the RLC app for them to run whenever and wherever they want to learn anything they want to. No fixed place to commute to and from. No rigid timelines and scheduling headaches. No more costly brick and mortar school houses and campuses and all that they require to operate.

ARLCs will eventually happen. Sooner than later, I hope, because the United States public schools system just isn't cutting it anymore.

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