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Age Doesn't Always Lead To Wisdom

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

~ A Child More Wise Than An Old Man ~

Downslope, a seventy year old man advises a seven year old child that her childish beliefs are "marginal" while he squats in our nation's highest office demanding money to fund a vanity project awash in delusion and steeped in deception. Fortunately, the seven year old has decided to ignore the insane old man, understanding that in the greater scheme of things he is definitely not someone to turn to for any kind of wisdom. A wise decision.

Children can be a font of wisdom if still relatively unsullied by the constant rain of adult-generated bullshit which assails them from the moment of birth. A golden period of their lives rapidly lost as the rain finally falls, intensifies and becomes routine–even entertaining. Then it seems abnormal not to jump right up onto the bandwagon and begin generating their own lines of pure bullshit, tossing petulant fits whenever anyone detects and calls them on their lies, as the old man in the White House is so prone to do upon every call.

All can recover from the bullshitting assaults, but very few ever do.

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