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There have been four incarnations of this web site. The first constructed a few years before the turn of the century was simple and bubble-mapped. The second was a business-oriented version. The third was an experiment utilizing dynamic web element features. First pages of this latest remake were published about forty-two months ago. Since then there have been almost six thoisand sessions by more than one thousand unique visitors averaging just over fifteen minutes per session. Nothing incredibly impressive if site traffic was of any significant importance, which it isn't. It's fun to see where people were in the world when they visited the site and wondering why they chose to visit. But even that isn't important since it serves no commercial purpose and brings in no money.

This version is merely an echo chamber created to remind myself of stuff which has happened over the years and when that stuff happened. I've always enjoyed and laid great store in the exercise of reflection in retrospectives–recalling what my thoughts were focused on at the time and why, what goals were set and met after dealing with obstacles encountered, and recalling feelings and moods experienced while working toward those goals. If any important goals were not fully realized, these exercises in reflection help me decide if any of them are still worth pursuing. And as I age, I'm more frequently than not surprised at just how precise my memories are as well as how muddled and malformed some have become, often in pretty amusing ways. I have a tendency to be positive thinking, even over matters and incidents of the past which were horrendous at the time of occurrence. Some sort of self-preservation/pain suppression mechanism I really don't care to delve into.

Having this site to preserve factuality has proven advantageous in more ways than expected, aiding in location of misplaced things and thoughts, and saving wasted thought cycles and physical effort from time to time, as well. So it will continue to grow and expand along unplanned vectors as life unfolds wildly and stuff seems worth saving for future reference.

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