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2021 Distilled

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Less than two weeks of nighttime distiller use on the wood burning stovetop while warming the house have already produced enough mineral-free water to keep the solar battery bank topped off through to autumn 2021.

This is another step forward in minimizing trips to town for supplies. Jugs of this stuff take up a lot of space in the truck during each bi-annual shopping run for supplies, and with the POTUS and White House administration now serving the nation as its most prolific SARS-CoV-2 super spreaders and ignorant supporters doing likewise, it's becoming too dangerous to be making more than the absolute minimum number of trips into any town.

Soon we'll see if the POTUS suffers the 2nd week crash so many other COVID-19 victims have, and if he is able to survive it all. I don't really care if he does or not. If he survives and suffers enough then maybe he'll finally understand the gravity of the pandemic and trust guidance provided by experts. If not, then to hell with the arrogant shit, and good riddance.

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