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+150 Bars

Most of the tunes I compose are less than 150 bars so their tracks are manageable even on a 12.9-inch tablet which lets me see about 45 bars at once on its screen. But sometimes a recording project screams for screen real estate far beyond that and for years I've dreamed of getting an ultra wide monitor which would let me see all 150 bars without having to scroll horizontally at all. I finally got my hands on a 49-inch Samsung C49HG90 QLED curved monitor which allows me to see up to 173 bars at once, no horizontal scrolling is required until I zoom in to do detail work on a track element, which now also requires less scrolling.

The old 32-inch LG HDR ultra-wide flat monitor is still in use off to the left where it holds other stuff I only occasionally glance at while playing at the computer. So at last I can spread a project out beyond my needs on all of this glorious, screen space for extended playtimes.

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